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Kemppi FastMig Pulse 450 Water

Kemppi FastMig Pulse 450
Water Cooled with Wire Feeder
Mig Package 415v

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Product Information

FastMig Pulse puts you in control delivering impressive weld quality. Features include a clear simple control panel. Power and arc length control memory channels and lock safety isolation inductance gas test wire inch 2T/4T hot start crater fill and MMA options. Its duraTorque 4x4 wire drive mechanism ensures consistent wire speed and quality welds. Select manage and refine weld process with P65 control panel. Process and materials menu specialist welding functions menu language selection security lock user channels. 


Basic 1-MIG pulsed double-pulsed MIG/MAG process

High quality welding performance

WISE arc performance options 

MATCH welding software choice 

Menu language selection 

Energy efficient 

Security code lock 

EN1090 compliant

Product Specifications

Mains Voltage: 400V 3ph
Rated Power: 16.0 kVA at 100% ED
Welding Output 40C: 350A at 100% ED, 450A at 60% ED
Welding Current Range: MMA 10 - 450A, MIG 8 - 50V
Max Welding Voltage: 53V
Open Circuit Voltage MMA: 50V
Open Circuit Voltage MIG/MAG/Pulse: 80V

Product Information
Brochures & Manuals

Brochures & Manuals

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