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Kemppi Fitweld 300 Mig Package

Kemppi Fitweld 300
Mig Package 415v

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The Kemppi FitWeld Evo 300 is the a compact and portable MIG/MAG welding solution with many innovative design features. QuickArc™ ignition the latest GT WireDrive™ mechanics and Brights™ cabinet lighting combine with other features to make welding faster easier and safer in heavy industry. Offering real economy of size and weight FitWeld also saves up to 57% on input power and increases tack and welding speed to twice that of traditional MMA equipment.

FitWeld Evo 300 features a generous welding voltage range from 11 V to 32 V which means you have adequate power for a wide range of applications. It delivers excellent welding performance at 300A @ 20% duty cycle. Special arc ignition control techniques called QuickArc are used during the ignition cycle ensuring very clean and precise arc initiation. QuickArc delivers clean crisp and stable results even with 1.2 mm filler wire. 

Strong cabinet with LED lights and optional heater 

The strong fibreglass impregnated plastic case makes the machine body very strong and impact resistant. The wire feed mechanism features a durable cast aluminium GT WireDrive and to make wire spool change and adjustment easy and safe in low light conditions Brights cabinet lighting delivers the solution. In addition an FitWeld Evo 300 can be ordered with cabinet heating helping to control the wire cabinet temperature fluctuations that result in condensation and filler wire surface oxidation.


Fitted as standard to FitWeld Evo 300 Kemppi Gas Guard eliminates the possibility to weld without shielding gas helping to prevent unnecessary rework and damage to the welding gun.


Portable 300A 15.4kg Power source - easy to move to work site with strong reinforced case 

Use for tacking installation and even light production welding

Welds perfectly with 1.2 mm flux cored or solid wires and other common fillers used in production

Power control is set via simple panel mounted control knobs. The digital display guarantees fast and accurate preset voltage and wire feed speed parameters setting. 

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Brochures & Manuals

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