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Oil & Gas


RentArc. Supplying welding equipment for the Oil & Gas, and Petro-Chemical industries

The benefits of using RentArc’s full range of welding, cutting and automation equipment within the Oil & Gas, and Petro-Chemical industries include;



If the quality of a weld is adversely compromised in the Oil & Gas, or Petro-Chemical industry, it can lead to loss of life, loss of money and damage the environment. Using professionally maintained, state-of-the-art welding, cutting and automation equipment help us meet the demands of the industry.

For example, pipelines, storage vessels, and oil tanks can operate at extremely high pressures. + -Structures and equipment used in the oil and gas industry are expected to last for many years. Welding can create components and structures that are durable and can withstand extreme pressures, temperatures, weights, and environments.

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The benefits of the speed of welding to these industries is most apparent in maintenance and repair.

Speed is crucial in industries that involve production. This is especially true for the oil and gas industry where downtime must be kept to a minimum. Welding is a comparatively swift process when carried out by professionals using the right equipment. The benefits of the speed of welding to oil and gas are most apparent in maintenance and repair where production may have to be halted. The ease of setting up and the portability of welding equipment enhances the speed of welding. Most of them are compact single component systems that require only a power source.


The successes of many oil and gas projects are dependent on the efficiency of the welding. At RentArc, we have a range of welding and automation products that are designed to improve efficiency and reduce cost. The weld automation equipment we stock at RentArc include welding positioners, pipe rotator sets, automatic wire feeders, and robotic welders.


At RentArc we also have several other types of equipment to help improve productivity, quality, and safety. Such as, pipe beveling equipment, plasma cutting machines, induction heaters, and welding fume extractors.


The oil and gas industry has a very wide range of fabrication needs. RentArc have a range of welding equipment to match these needs.

Size versatility is one of the major needs of the Oil and Gas industry that can only be solved by welding. From the largest structures on an oil refinery to the smallest diameter process pipework. RentArc have the full range of machines and can be relied upon to deliver the correct equipment on time.

When it comes to materials, oil& gas plants and petro-chemical installations use hundreds of different grades of steel and other metals, the overall majority of which can be welded. This eliminates any manufacturing restrictions during material selection.


Welding can be carried out in the various environments that make up the Oil and Gas industry. RentArc have suitable welding equipment available for all environments, including underwater.

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Welding is a relatively inexpensive method of fabrication. RentArc can help increase the cost-effectiveness by offering our full range of high-quality welding, cutting and automation equipment, thereby saving the end user the cost of buying, storing, and maintaining the equipment.


RentArc’s place in the Oil & Gas and Petro-Chemical industries.

It’s very difficult to take advantage of the range of benefits of welding in the Oil & Gas and Petro-Chemical industries without high quality welding, cutting and automation equipment. RentArc offer a large range of high-quality equipment that can efficiently handle all the welding requirements of the Oil & Gas and Petro-Chemical industries.

RentArc offer welding, cutting and automation equipment from leading high-quality manufacturers, available on-demand throughout the UK and Europe.

RentArc. Keeping Welders Welding.

Why RentArc?

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