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Mig Packages

X5 FastMig

Kemppi Kempact 3000
Pulse Inverter
Mig Package 415v

Kemppi Kempact RA 251R
Mig Welder Package 230v

Fronius TPS 270i Pulse
Mig Package 415v

Kemppi Master M355G
Compact Welding Machine

Kemppi FastMig X 450 Regular
Water Cooled
Mig Welder Package 415v

Kemppi FastMig Pulse 450
Water Cooled with Wire Feeder
Mig Package 415v

Kemppi Fitweld 300
Mig Package 415v

Kemppi Minarc Evo 200
Mig Package 230v

LN25 ProExtreme CE
Wire Feeder

Esab Rebel EMP 215ic Multi Process Welder 110v/240v

ESAB Rebel EMP 235ic
Multi Process

Lincoln 190C Compact
Mig Package 230v

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