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X5 FastMig

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Product Information

Experience a new levl of welding with X5 FastMig,  an industrial multi-process welding machine developed by Kemppi. Available in 400A and 500A  models, the X5 FastMig is a versatile arc welding powerhouse built with energy-efficient inverter technology. Touch Sense Ignition enables a reliable, non-short-circuit ignition, which paired with Wise special processes minimizes spatter and creates high-quality welds you can count on.


  • Versatile process selection for industrial welding: 1-MIG, MIG, DC TIG, and stick welding (MMA), as well as gouging

  • Excellent steel welding properties with WiseSteel, which minimizes spatter and speeds up welding without compromising quality

  • Operating basics are easy to adopt within 10 minutes

  • Top-loading wire feeder design ensures ergonomics and safety in all operating positions when changing heavy filler wire spools

  • SuperSnake GTX subfeeder connectivity for maximum reach

Product Information
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Brochures & Manuals

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