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Product Information

Product Information

Light-weight and robust, the Invertec 300 TPX are immensely portable and ideal for use in all environments. These machines feature HF TIG ignition,  Lift TIG ignition, 2 or 4 step, variable down slope, post-flow control,  digital pre-set meters with hold functions and built-in variable Pulse.


  • Fully functional, user-friendly control panel layout with graph and numeric display makes it easy to set all welding parameters.

  • Rugged construction: electrical safety (IP23S), potted PC boards and  optimum airflow reduce contamination to extend the equipment's lifespan  in the harshest environmental conditions.

  • HF and Lift TIG ignition meeting all requirements.

  • Perfect TIG HF starting with pre-settable starting mode.

  • Complete TIG parameters setting: Pulse TIG with variable frequency  that allows the welder to adjust the arc focus to suit the applications,  10 memory slots for personalized welding settings, TIG Spot welding.

Basic Specifications

Input Current 20A   

Input Hertz 50/60 Hz  

Input Power 400/3/50-60 Hz (+/-15%)  

Input Phase 3 ph   

Mode Icon CC   

Polarity DC   

Rated Output 300A/22V@40%, 220A/18,8V@100%

Brochures & Manuals

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