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Rotator 200 Ton Load Capacity

Rotator 200 Ton Load Capacity

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Product Information

PRS200/200 DM rotators feature all-fabricated-steel base construction with wheel carriages that can be manually positioned to accommodate vessels of varying diameters around a constant centre-line. Vessel rotation is via a two-motor, two-wheel-drive system which eliminates the need for torque bars. 

Drive motors are inverter-controlled variable-frequency AC-type with fan cooling and are fully enclosed for trouble-free operation. Double reduction worm and wheel gearboxes are used for enhanced durability and extended overhaul intervals. Drive and idler wheel shafts are housed in deep-groove-type roller bearings and gearboxes are of aluminum/bronze construction. Both the drive roll and idler roll have forklift slots built into the frames for easy maneuverability. 

Control boxes have IP65-rated enclosures and utilize variable-frequency AC-control electrical systems with full UL and CE certification. In addition, all our conventional turning rolls have been tested and certified by UL to establish safe working loads - a first in the weld automation industry.

Product Specifications

Load Carrying Capacity, Drive 100 tonnes maximum
Load Carrying Capacity, Idler 100 tonnes maximum
Load Carrying Capacity, Set 200 tonnes maximum
Rotation Capacity, Drive Roll 300 tonnes maximum
Wheel Centre Distance 700, 1100, 1500, 1900, 2300, 2700, 3100 mm
Vessel Diameter Capacity 550 mm to 6800 mm
Rotation Speed Range 150 to 1500 mm/min
Tyre Type Steel
Wheel Size 600 mm diameter x 175 mm wide
Five Function Control Push Button Pendant, 20 m cable (forward/stop/reverse/speed control/emergency stop)
Rotation Drive Motors 2 x 4.0 kW with fan cooling
Primary Input Power 380 to 480 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Input Current at Rated Load 29.9 A
Weight, Drive 3000 kg
Weight, Idler 1900 kg
Control Box Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Control Box Electrical Certification UL508
Loading Capacity Certification UL2011

Product Information

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