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What Should I Consider When Buying a Welding Machine?

We all have old favourites, whether it’s a particular mug or a comfy pair of boots, that we are always reluctant to replace, and welding machines are no different.

There are a number of things to consider when buying a new welding machine.

What’re you welding? What will the machine be used for? How easy is it to maintain? Are you working on a budget?

Here, we detail our top 5 considerations, as well as explain why renting a machine might be the better option.

What Will You Be Welding?

Before you buy a new machine, you’ll need to consider what projects you’ll be working on.

To begin, deciding whether you need MIG or TIG welder will immediately narrow down your options, but from there you’ll also need to consider the following:

  • What sort of materials will you be working with?

  • How thick are the materials you’ll be working on?

  • What will the lengths of your welds be?

By figuring out the answers to these questions, you’ll be better placed to figure out which MIG or TIG machine will suit your work the best.

How Often Will You Be Welding?

Is welding your primary work, or is it a secondary process?

For any business where welding is a daily process, you’ll want to get the best machine for your budget.

If welding is a secondary practice only undertaken where necessary, a mid-range machine may well do the job, but you’ll need to be wary of sacrificing performance for price.

Understandably, budgets could well restrict which machine you go for, but getting as close to the top of your budget as possible will likely get you a machine that will suit your needs and provide the best end result.

Will the machine be used in a shared workshop, or for you personally?

Buying a welding machine for personal use and buying one for a workshop can present different sets of criteria.

If you’re buying a machine for your own personal use and work, the decision can often be more straightforward.

If you have a brand that you are well versed in using, then often the best choice is to go for the model in their range that matches your requirements.

When purchasing a machine for several different users, there are other considerations to make:

  • Availability of multiple language options.

  • Ease of use.

  • Versatility.

  • Clear user interface.

It may also be a good idea to speak to your engineers to get an idea of what features they would like, and match that as closely as you can to a machine in your budget.

How Easy is it to Repair and Maintain?

Even the most durable and well-built welding machines will eventually need some TLC.

Before purchasing a machine, try to find out if:

  • parts are readily available,

  • if there are reputable service centres that can provide maintenance and repair work,

  • How long do consumables last?

  • Are replacement consumables easily sourced?

Researching these questions is key, as it will help you find out the life span of a machine. A cheaper machine may be less investment up front, but could end up costing you more if no servicing or parts are available.

Would Renting a Machine Be the Better Option?

Whether you should rent or buy your welding equipment will depend on how frequently you use it.

The general rule of thumb is if you undertake welding processes less than 60% of the time, renting could well be the better choice.

Renting equipment means you’ll have often immediate access to professional level machines maintained to the highest standard possible.

Renting is also an excellent option for specialist machines that may only be needed occasionally.

You won’t have to worry about maintenance fees or replacing parts, you can simply choose the machine you need and get on with the job.

At RentArc, we have a hugely diverse fleet of machines, including specialist equipment and cutting-edge tech.

All of our equipment are available for one-off, short term or long term hire, and are all professionally maintained and serviced by our experienced engineers.

You can view our full range of brands here.

If you need any welding, cutting or positioning equipment and would like a quote or to discuss our lease purchase finance options, please get in touch.

We’re always happy to discuss which option best suits your circumstances and requirements. You can call us on +44 (0)23 80 867 789 or email us at


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