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Shindaiwa Welder Generators

For over 50 years Japanese manufacturer Shindaiwa has been designing and manufacturing premium engine driven welders and generators for sale all over the world. Established in 2010, Shindaiwa Limited has supplied the rental, petrochemical and fabrication markets fast becoming the UK’s market leading supplier of welder generator machines.

The Shindaiwa range of machines from 165A Petrol to 500A duel operator diesel all offer unbeatable service, performance and reliability and we have a few in our hire fleet.

The compact Shindaiwa Eco165 petrol welder generator is built to provide 40 to 165Amps of DC welding current and offers simultaneous use of welding and 110V AC auxiliary power. In Eco mode engine speed is electronically controlled ensuring the machine can provide up to 12 hours of operation from a single tank of fuel. Major benefits of the machine include:

• Robust, impact resistant polycarbonate canopy

• Digital current setting and readout

• 2.5kVA 110v auxiliary outlets

Electrode Size: 2.0 - 4.0mm

The Kubota powered Shindaiwa Eco 300 is the quietest of it’s type on the UK market. With 8kVA 3 phase and 3kVA 110v auxiliary the Japanese designed and built machines offer unrivalled performance and versatility. Available with petrochemical and full offshore specification they are ideal for use offshore or refinery applications. Major benefits include:

• Kubota Engine

• 8kVA 3 Phase, 3kVA 110v auxiliary outlets

• Low Noise and emission levels

• Welds all types of mild steel rods up to 6mm.

The Kubota powered Shindaiwa duel operator Eco500 is the most versatile welder generator available in the UK market today. Offering 1 x 500A or 2 x 280A welding outlets, with 18VA 3phase auxiliary power. The machine is capable of welding and arc air gauging up to 10mm electrodes. With bespoke wire feeder connectivity the Eco500 can power up to 2 suitcase wire feed units for on site MIG welding. Major benefits of the machine include:

• Kubota Engine

• 18kVA 3 phase and 4kVA 110v outlets

• 500A single and 280A x 2 welding outlets

• Wire feeder connectivity

If you're looking for Shindaiwa welding equipment for hire and would like a quote, or to speak to us about our other welding equipment fleet, please get in touch here or

call our sales team on +44 (0)23 80 867 789, or email

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