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New Plasma 56 Compressor Inverter

We’re delighted to be able to bring to our customers the PLASMA 56 COMPRESSOR INVERTER from Elettro c.f., a three-phase power source with inverter technology for metal plasma cutting.

As a company, Elettro c.f. have over 40 years experience in the design and production of arc welding and plasma cutting power sources, battery charges and industrial vacuum cleaners, combining knowledge, engineering skill, innovation and technological research to meet the demands of a continually evolving global market.

Committed to providing quality and reliability, Elettro c.f. produces machines to European Community construction and safety standards and has also acquired the ISO 9001:2008 quality system, showing commitment to providing a high level of customer satisfaction among many other requirements for certification.

The PLASMA 56 COMPRESSOR INVERTER is particularly suited to on-site jobs and external maintenance, with a built-in air compressor providing ease of use and total work independence by eliminating the need for external air supply. It is user friendly, compact in design and offers a high cutting efficiency on small and medium thickness metal.

There are a huge amount features and technology is in abundance with this system, allowing for enhanced performance and increased cutting speed, superior cut quality and less wear on consumables. Another interesting feature is the lack of High-Frequency start, making it possible to work next to computers, medical equipment, instruments and any other electronic devices sensitive to high frequency emissions.

Technical bits at a Glance:

The PLASMA 56 COMPRESSOR INVERTER is now available to hire from RentArc! Click here to view more product information.

For more information on this product or for a hire quote for any of our Plasma Cutting systems, please get in touch, you can email us on or call 02380 867789.


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