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Plasma Cutter 56 with built-in compressor

Plasma Cutter 56
with built-in Compressor &
4m Torch
Cut Capacity: 20mm
Severance: 25mm

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Product Information

The three-phase power source with inverter technology for metal plasma cutting PLASMA 56 COMPRESSOR INVERTER includes a built-in air compressor and is characterized by user-friendliness, compact design and cutting high-efficiency on small and medium thicknesses. It is particularly suitable for on-site jobs and external maintenance.
The recommended cutting thickness on steel is from 13 mm to 20 mm depending on speed. The separation thickness is 25 mm.
The lack of High-Frequency start makes it possible to work next to computers, medical equipment, instruments and any other electronic devices sensitive to high frequency emissions.
It can be connected to motor-driven generators of adequate power

Cut Capacity

Recommended: 20mm
Severance: 25mm

Product Specifications

Input voltages: 3 x 400V 50-60HZ
Output current: 10–50 A
Duty cycle @ 10min Cycle according to EN60974-1: 35% 50A- 60% 35A- 100% 25A
Dimensions with handles: 270 x 440 x 570mm
Weight w/4,5 m torch: 25kg


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