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Positioner 250 kg Capacity

Positioner 250 kg Capacity

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Product Information

FHVP 0.25 CE positioners provide 360° rotation of a work piece along with 135° forward tilt to better position weldments for better down-hand or automatic welding. All-fabricated steel frames and bases support rotation and tilt spur-gears driven by worm-gear reducers to provide enhanced safety and durability.

Powered rotation is controlled via push-button pendant for controlling variable-speed table rotation, and forward/stop/reverse table direction/emergency-stop controls. Rotation motors are inverter-controlled variable-frequency AC-type, providing a full range of variable-speed control with excellent speed-regulation. 

Red-D-Arc welding positioners are engineered to provide maximum safety and dependability; control boxes have IP65-rated enclosures with full UL and CE certification and all of our positioners have been tested and certified by UL to establish safe working loads - a first in the weld automation industry.

Product Specifications

Capacity: 0.25 tonne at 75 mm C of G and 75 mm eccentricity
Rotation Speed: 0.1 - 3 RPM
Rotation Motor: 0.25 kW inverter-controlled variable-frequency AC-type with fan cooling
Rotation Torque: 184 Nm
Tilt: 135° forward tilt
Table Height (Horizontal): 600 mm
Table Diameter: 450 mm round with four 15 mm slots
Control: Push button pendant, 10 m control cable
Control Functions: Forward/stop/reverse/speed control/emergency stop
Input Current at Rated Load: 2.7 A
Ground Capacity: 300 A
Weight: 200 kg
Control Box Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
Control Box Electrical Certification: UL508
Loading Capacity Certification: UL2011

Product Information

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