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Positioner 10 Ton Capacity

Positioner 10 Ton Capacity

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Product Information

Positioner Model RP10TS Series is a 10 metric tonne capacity designed to give a maximum positioning benefit by using tilt and rotation of the table for easy positioning of the workpiece. 

Two robust columns permits the operator to adjust the vertical height manually in increments of 150 mm per slot/pitch to give a minimum table height of 1350mm up to maximum table height of 1950mm. 

The table is machined with four radial slots for anchor bolts and centric marking on the table and is powered driven by AC motor controlled by the latest inverter control box fitted with remote pendant control to provide stop/start, forward/reverse, tilt and variable speed control. 

Tilt movement is electrically power driven by 4.0Kw AC motor with Dynamic Braking through the reduction gearbox. Earth connections are made through a rotary earth clamp to ensure good earthing to the welding power source.

Product Specifications

Model: RP10TS- FA-D1800
Table Size: Diameter of 1800mm
Pendant Control: 24VAC circuit, push button with 6metre cable
Input voltage: 415 V/3 phase/16amps/50Hz (Specify voltage requirement when ordering)
Turning Capacity: 10-metric ton at 300mm (refer load chart)
Rotation Speed: 0.08 to 0.8rpm
Tilting Capacity: 10-metric ton at 300mm (refer load chart)
Tilt Range: 0 to 135 Degrees
Tilt Speed: 135 Degree at 110second
Rotation Drive Motor: 4.0 Kw motor
Rotation Drive Control: 4.0 Kw AC inverter
Tilt Drive Motor: 4.0 Kw c/w brake

Product Information

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