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Fronius AccuPocket 150 Battery Powered Arc Welder 230v

Fronius AccuPocket 150
Battery Powered
Arc Welder 230v

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Product Information

Weld without a Mains Cable - Accupocket makes it possible

The Fronius AccuPocket 150 is the worlds first battery powered welder, giving the freedom to weld anywhere without the need to carry large power cables or generators.

Repair welding high up in the mountains, field erection jobs out in the country or welding work at exposed locations. Until recently, jobs like these always involved costly and time-consuming preparations. Long mains supply leads or big, heavy 8 kVA generators are no longer necessary. Now jobs needing up to six 3.2mm electrodes or up to 18 2.5mm electrodes can be welded autonomously. For more substantial welding applications, a small compact 2 kVA generator is sufficient.

Thanks to its AccuBoost Technology, the AccuPocket welds extremely reliably and utilises its built in power reserve to achieve perfect ignition and welding properties. Its advanced functional design with very small dimensions, low weight (11kg with batteries) and rugged build makes the AccuPocket the perfect companion at any field worksite.

The included Battery Charger is designed so that welding can continue while the battery is being charged (hybrid mode). The charger detects the start of welding and automatically increases the charging power.

This Package Includes

AccuPocket 150 Power Source

ActiveCharger 1000 Battery Charger

3m MMA Cable Set

Large Carry Case with Wheel Trolley Function


Hotstart - Perfect ignition behaviour on Cellulosic and rutile electrodes
Softstart - Delivers a stable arc for basic electrodes that ignite at low welding amperages.
Continuously Adjustable Arc Force Dynamic - can be continuously regulated so as to prevent weld pool solidification and prolonged arc short circuiting, by momentarily increasing the amperage.

Product Specifications

Welding Amperage Range: MMA DC 10 - 140A, TIG DC 3 - 150A
Welding Amperage in Hybrid Mode (MMA) Duty Cycle at 40C: 140A at 18%, 100A at 25%, 40A at 100%
Welding Amperage in Hybrid Mode (TIG) Duty Cycle at 40C: 150A at 25%, 100A at 50%, 65A at 100%
Open Circuit Voltage: 90V
Dimensions: 435 x 160 x 310mm
Weight: 11kg
Charging time: 45min Normal Charge, 30min Quick Charge

Product Information

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