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Moggy Straight Line Seam Welding Tractors

Moggy Straight Line Seam Welding Tractors

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Product Information

The MOGGY® is intended to automate and improve the quality of welding and cutting operations by carrying the welding gun(s) or cutting torch(es), at precisely controlled speeds, along the path of the joint. The MOGGY® carriage also provided interface between the welding and cutting motion and the arc start and stop signals. The automation carriage is normally guided by adjustable guide wheels which are set to always drive the carriage slightly into the vertical member (usually either the vertical member of a fillet joint or a template/fence placed parallel to the joint). Industry standard 6” v-groove track may also be used to guide the parth of the MOGGY®. The carriage is flexible enough to allow it to be easily configured for horizontal lap, butt and fillet weld joints as well as a variety of cutting processes. 

Using the MOGGY® automation carriage system will add accuracy and uniformity to welding and cutting applications while increasing producivity. Typical applications include shipbuilding, offshore construction, steel fabrication, etc

Product Information

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