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Kemppi MasterTig 2300 MLS ACX AC/DC

Kemppi MasterTig 2300 MLS ACX AC/DC Tig Welder 230v

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Product Information

Product Information

The MasterTig MLS ACDC is suitable for Tig welding of all metals, especially aluminium and stainless steel, as well as MMA welding. Operating from a single phase supply, the PFC inverter based 2300 has a maximum output of 230A at 40%. Even at continuous use the load can be up to 170A. The MasterTig MLS ACDC enables TIG welding with any type of current: AC, DC+, and DC-. In addition, it lets you use a combination of AC and DC, or the MIX TIG.

The ACX control panel included in this package features all the basic functions needed for TIG welding with additional functions to improve quality and productivity of welding. Additional features include MicroTack for fast, low heat tack welding, Pulsed welding, MiniLog, 4T Log, and memory function.

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