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What is Orbital Welding?

Different to TIG and MIG welding, Orbital Welding is a technique where the welding tool is rotated up to 360° around a fixed item.

In this blog, we go into detail on the Orbital Welding process, when you might use it, and its benefits.

The Process

Invented in North America, Orbital Welding was developed to address the issue of operator error during TIG welding on projects that required a uniform weld around larger pieces, tubing, or piping.

When using an Orbital Welding machine, the workpiece is clamped into position, and then the welding arc is rotated around it, in an “orbit”.

The arc is controlled by a microprocessor that ensures a consistent weld around the entirety of the piece.

The Benefits

While not applicable for every project, Orbital Welding has a wide range of benefits for the correct projects, including:

  • Increased safety – The operator is removed from close contact with the welding machine and workpiece, helping to avoid accidents.

  • Consistency – Once the parameters have been set, the welding is carried out by the machine, and can be used across several different pieces, ensuring all welds are uniform.

  • Improved productivity – A largely automated process, Orbital Welding machines can complete a weld much quicker than a manual operator.

  • Ease of use – Although some user training is required, it is much less intense than the training used for any manual welding machines.

  • Adaptability – Orbital Welding can complete welds in harsher environments and scenarios where access is restricted. Once the weld head is in place, the operator can return to a safe position and carry out the weld through a video link.

Orbital Welding at RentArc

With a shortage of qualified welders in the industry today, Orbital Welding can help bridge the gap.

With no certification needed and minimal training required for operation, our Orbital Welding equipment ensures top-quality results every time.

Our range of equipment includes the excellent AXXAIR SATFX closed heads, an innovative range of orbital closed welding heads.

Covering a range of tube diameters from 6mm to 115mm with improved ergonomics and handling, the SATFX are perfect for butt welding.

If you’d like to learn more about our orbital welding equipment, or you have a piece of equipment you’d like to hire, you can contact our friendly team on, or call us on 023 80 867 789.


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