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RentArc Partners, Key Plant Automation Ltd and Red-D-Arc, Join Forces

As key strategic partners to RentArc, we’ve enjoyed a longstanding relationship with both Key Plant Automation Ltd and Red-D-Arc over many years. That is why we are delighted that the two industry-leaders have united through Key Plant Automation Ltd’s acquisition of Red-D-Arc's European entities. We have forged enduring bonds and shared in collaborative success over the years and we look forward to developing our relationship with the expanded Key Plant Automation Ltd team going forward.

If you are not already aware of Key Plant Automation Ltd's acquisition of Red-D-Arc’s European entities, this moment is pivotal for the business, emphasising their commitment to providing top-tier weld automation and positioning equipment solutions globally.

Through this strategic acquisition, Key Plant Automation Ltd takes the helm of Red-D-Arc UK, Red-D-Arc France, and Red-D-Arc Netherlands. The move not only reinforces the company’s industry leadership, but also integrates a wealth of expertise, resources, and a shared pursuit of excellence from the brilliant Red-D-Arc team.

Like RentArc, Key Plant Automation Ltd’s customers are at the heart of their operations, and this acquisition promises significant benefits for them and us. Their expanded equipment fleet enables us to offer a broader range of solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of many industries. Their enhanced portfolio guarantees us access to advanced solutions that foster efficiency, productivity and success.

RentArc Managing Director, Damian Bryant, said of the acquisition: “When we first heard the news of Keyplants’ acquisition of RedDArc (UK) Ltd, we were delighted.

We’ve known and worked with the Keyplant team for a long time and when you add their level of expertise and dedication to the RedDArc operation it’s got to be good for all concerned.

We’re really looking forward to building on our strong relationship and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Ross McCrorie, Commercial Director of Key Plant Automation, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition: “We are delighted to welcome Red-D-Arc’s European entities into our fold. This acquisition, stemming from our deep-rooted familiarity with Red-D-Arc as a long-time supplier, allows us to establish a direct presence in mainland Europe.

It addresses Brexit-related challenges and enhances our support for our regional customer and partner base.

Moreover, it strengthens our commitment to our core business areas, including end prep/pipe cutting and the sale and rental of welding cobots. This expansion not only broadens our offerings but also introduces an exceptional team from Red-D-Arc’s European entities, with whom we look forward to collaborating.”

We extend our congratulations to the dedicated teams at both Key Plant Automation and Red-D-Arc and as we consider the future, the whole RentArc team are looking forward to the exciting developments that will undoubtedly materialise from this new relationship.


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