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Plymovent: New ISO 21904-1:2020 standard update for welding fume equipment

Source: Plymovent

The ISO 21904-1:2020 is a worldwide standard that gives recommendations on systems and equipment in relation to welding fumes and protecting the health and safety of workers. It is the last of a series of four standards, each covering a different topic.

In Europe, it will also become part of CE requirements. This does not apply to the existing portfolio, but only to the products that are designed after its publication.

The four ISO 21904 standards are:

· ISO 21904-1:2020 | Requirements of equipment used to capture and separate fumes generated by welding and allied processes¹[1])

· ISO 21904-2:2020 | Requirements for testing and marking of separation efficiency[2])

· ISO 21904-3:2018 | Determination of the capture efficiency of on-torch welding fume extraction devices

· ISO 21904-4:2020 | Determination of the minimum air volume flow rate of capture devices[3]

[1] This standards refers to requirements of chapter 2, 3 and 4

[2] Basically W3 [3] In fact hoods of extraction arms

Compliance to the ISO standard is a mandatory requirement in Europe for products developed after the update (30th September 2020), therefore it will mostly affect the design of the future product portfolio.

For further updates on the new standard and how it will effect the welding fume market, in particular the future of welding fume extraction products from Plymovent, please subscribe to our newsletter.


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