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Plymovent Fume Extractors

Finding and implementing solutions for welding fume extraction has never been more in the spotlight following the HSE’s change in enforcement expectations for mild steel welding fume, alerting all businesses undertaking welding activities to ensure effective engineering controls are provided and correctly used.

During September we are focusing on fume extraction and products in this area which have proved popular with our customers. When looking to hire or purchase fume extraction solutions, certain factors such as suitability, quality, reliability and above all, effectiveness are key - Plymovent is a name synonymous with quality and effectiveness and is one of the brands we trust.

The following products are suitable for a range of light to moderate welding applications.

The PHV from Plymovent is a mobile, high vacuum dust and fume filter/collector, extracting welding fumes and grinding dust directly at source. Roughly the size of a vacuum cleaner, this unit is designed to be portable and can therefore be used anywhere, including on site, in small workshops, confined spaces and difficult to reach welding locations that are not accessible to ordinary extraction arms or larger mobile units. It can also be wall mounted.

With a filtration efficiency of almost 100%, the PHV is easy to operate, turning on automatically as soon as welding starts and turning off when welding stops, guaranteeing effective removal of welding fumes.

Key Features:

· Extracts fumes directly from source

· Almost 100% filtration efficiency

· Compact design

· Integrated automatic stop/start

Plymovent’s MobileGo is a compact and powerful mobile welding fume filter designed as an entry level extractor or for welding processes that produce little fume. With a flexible extraction arm that is rotatable by 360 degrees and four transport wheels (two of which are swivel casters with brakes), this unit is easy to manoeuvre and is therefore ideal for auto repair or small workshops, welding schools, technical colleges and for use in the agricultural sector.

Key features:

· Effective protection against exposure to welding fume

· Excellent performance

· Easy to manoeuvre

· Two stage filter for longer filter life

· Enhanced safety with integrated spark deflection plate

Recommended for light to moderate welding activities, the MFD is a mobile filter unit with a disposable cellulose filter cartridge. Suitable for dry or ‘virtually’ dry welding fume activities, this system also has some handy safety features, such as a filter indicator showing whether extraction is still satisfactory or if the filter needs to be replaced.

Key Features:

· Large filter surface: 50 m²

· High filter efficiency

· Filter indicator

· Low noise level

For more information about our plymovent fume extractors or if you'd like a quote for hire, get in touch today. Call +44 (0)23 80 867 789 or email


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