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HMT Mag Drills

Originally formed as a small, family-run welding & engineering supply business, Holemaker Technology soon identified a gap in the market and began work to speed up the metal working process through new, innovative cutting tools. Now sold through distributors in over 36 countries HMT magnetic drills have become the go-to option for many engineers.

Their versatile range of magnetic drills offer exceptional service for all situations, and we have a variety of units available in our hire fleet.

A robust and heavy-duty machine, the MAX100T has everything you need in a magnetic drill. This drill is the perfect machine for broaching, any tapping up to M30, reaming and countersinking. Packing a powerful 2050w motor, the MAX100T also features advanced electronic and a variable speed motor with reverse.

Included with the drill is an accessory pack that contains:

· Removable internal coolant system

· Bottle of broaching lubricant

· Removable metal guard

· Safety chain

· 4 hex keys

The MAX100T also comes with a wheeled carrying case, with moulded compartments to protect the drill and its accessories.

Watch the video below to see the Max100 in action!

A lightweight and powerful machine, the Max50T is the smaller, more portable sibling of the Max100T.

Blending light weight portability and powerful capacity, the Max50T is capable of all day broaching up to a diameter of 50mm combined with a forward reverse and variable speed motor that can tap holes up to M20 diameter.

The MAX50T also comes with its own carrying case and accessory pack containing:

· Removable internal cool system

· Bottle of broaching lubricant

· Safety pack including, removable metal guard, safety chain and 4 hex keys.

For all those tight spaces, the RTA40 is the perfect solution. A low-profile Magnet drill, the RTA40 is designed for tight access situations and is designed to fit into any space above 200mm.

Notable features:

· Excellent ease of access with rear mounted motor and switches.

· The ratchet drive can be mounted from both sides of the machine.

· Outstanding stability offered through the power magnet and motor.

Tremendously versatile, the RTA40 can take any standard broaching cutters, but works best with the high-performance CarbideMax40 cutters. This drill is also the only tight access drill of its kind that will work with standard TCT annular broach cutters.

If you would like more information on the HMT range we have available in our fleet, or would like a hire quote please get in touch here, you can call +44 (0)23 80 867 789, or email


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