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Celebrating Lincoln Electric’s 125 Year Anniversary

Lincoln Electric Welding Equipment are celebrating their 125-year anniversary this year, and as a long term supplier of Lincoln products, we can safely say that they have proven to be, and remain, some of the most reliable pieces of equipment in our rental fleet.

We thought we’d share this interesting watch of Lincoln Electric’s 125 years of accomplishments and celebrations:

In light of this, we thought we’d share the following products with you which are incredibly popular with our customers and can also be used in conjunction with one another:

The DX500 Diesel Welder Generator: Supplied on road towable trailers (as are all diesel generators supplied by RentArc), the DX500e is one of the most compact and powerful diesel engine-driven welders/generators in the construction, pipe or rental fleet market today, as well as the most quiet, with a smooth running 4-cylinder Perkins® water-cooled diesel engine. Click here to view product

The EX350 multi-process inverter power source - The multi-process Invertec® is an efficient, lightweight and portable choice for training, fabrication or construction applications. Smart operation allows it to handle any stick, TIG and MIG applications.

The LN-25 Dual Pro wire feed unit – Ideal for field construction fabrication and shipyard jobs, the MAXTRAC® wire drive enhances performance while the replacement case aids in serviceability.

Because of our on-going relationship with Red-D-Arc Welderentals, we and our customers have benefitted from the fact that these 3 pieces of welding equipment were constructed to the ‘RED-D-ARC Extreme Duty’ design specifications by Lincoln Electric, meaning you can rely on them to withstand the harshest environments.

If you are a professional welder and you are looking for professional, reliable equipment that you can trust in the field, look no further than Rentarc.

For all hire enquiries, give us a call on +44 (0)23 80 867 789 or click here to contact us or request a call back.

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