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Lincoln Flextec® 350X PowerConnect

Lincoln Flextec® 350X PowerConnect

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Product Information

Whether in a shop or in the field, the Flextec 350X welder is built to  perform. Equipped with CrossLinc® technology, the Flextec 350X welder  can be controlled from hundreds of feet away without expensive and  inconvenient control cables. Desert Duty® and IP23 rated, it can  withstand harsh outdoor conditions and outperform other welders in its  class.


  • PowerConnect supports any incoming voltage 200-600V, 1/3-phase, 50/60 Hz.

  • CrossLinc Technology compatible

  • Supports pulsed MIG with compatible ArcLink wire feeder such as Power Feed feeders.

Typical Applications

  • General Fabrication

  • Pulsed MIG

  • Where portability is needed

  • Varying input voltages

Product Information

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