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Fronius Magic Wave 5000 AC DC Water Cooled 415v

Fronius Magic Wave 5000 AC DC Water Cooled 415v

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Product Information

The MagicWave 5000 is a fully digitally controlled TIG AC/DC power source with ActiveWave technology, and is characterised by the softest possible yet highly stable arc. It has an output of 500 A, is both light and robust and self-explanatory in operation. The power source can be used in many different fields: chemical, container, machine and plant construction, pipeline construction, automotive and tracked vehicle manufacturing, aerospace industry and shipbuilding, as well as by all types of installation, maintenance and repair companies.

Product Specifications

Voltage: 380 - 460V 3 ph
Welding Current Range (TIG): 3 - 500A
Welding Current Range (MMA): 10 - 500A
Duty Cycle 40C: 40% DC at 500A, 100% DC at 350A
Open Circuit Voltage: 90V
Working Voltage Tig: 10.1 - 30V
Working Voltage MMA: 20.4 - 40V
Protection: IP23

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