Hire Lincoln Invertec 150S DC Arc Welder 230v - Welding Machine Rental from RentArc

Lincoln Invertec 150S DC Arc Welder 230v K12034-1P

The Invertec® 150S stick machine is suited to a variety of applications and working environments, ensuring that there will be a machine to meet your needs. The designs have focused on providing excellent welding and starting behaviour in a robust and reliable package. From this foundation, it is further equipped with a unique set of features and capabilities to guarantee there is a machine perfect for your application. The Invertec range is built in a robust metal case with large rubber corners and push control buttons for added protection. Rugged and robust on one hand, portable on another; the Invertec® 150S is lightweight and easy to handle in any situation.


Robust design - Unique rubber corners, metal housing and push control buttons to withstand tough environmental conditions.

Premium arc - Advanced Lincoln technology and Lincoln knowhow guarantees performance every time.

Power Surplus - Additional power for superior arc control.

Soft and Crisp mode - Selectable arc modes for different electrode types.

Auto Adaptive Arc Force - For a stable arc with low spatter levels as standard

Built in “Hot Start” - For excellent arc striking

Long cables - Primary power extension cables up to 60M can be used

Lift TIG with excellent striking without tungsten contamination.

Generator ready to go for use with generators.

Portable lightweight, small and robust